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tv   [untitled]    July 21, 2011 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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that's hard for the other headlines out here not. even a career in brussels on how to fund continuing bailouts that would make gripping italy and spain because the youth future in general. media mogul and political titan come under huge public scrutiny raising doubts they'll be able to survive the fall of one on the stalled public trust. the last remaining un indicted war crimes suspects one hundred is now awaiting extradition
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to the hague to serbia belgrade hopes the move will bring the country closer to new membership. next it seems it's official in the us and scott says the prospects of economic cooperation between paris and the french president's special representatives doing. the last special representative of the french president all corporation on the russian french business relations thank you very much for being with us today so you come to russia every fifteen days what is your primary mission. now poignant huell my first mission given by presidents are cozy in line with president native
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is to report and scope out the establishment of your russian economic zone and the second part of this mission is to strengthen economic cooperation in all possible areas between our countries you know what would you be now if you have a responsibility developing a trade between french france and russia which sectors of the russian economy can you think are less attractive for business leaders in france. of course said yes you know he met one year today for france it is of course raw materials in trade and if we have gas or oil is essential but there is much more store look at what alstom is doing with trans much older building locomotives for export or cross the world look at what sanofi is doing in the pharmaceutical area we cooperate in many new technological areas today these areas are multiplying because we are in the heart of russia's modernization plan and french companies can offer quality technology and so for us it ones of interest are many not only more materials which remain essential but you doing a nuclear sector in which we can cooperate more deeply. well in talking about.
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the good sides of the modernization and present president has criticized the investment climate in russia do you see improvement or with people that i call he obviously that he i see huge progress myself i've been working with russia for many years and i believe we are wrong when seeking to teach lessons to russia today russia is trying to with the progress to date has been huge and president negated inviting your people have done huge work we see it the changes are profound to put it simply on our side we are not always very aware of that firstly you need to be russia which is the common and secondly you need to come more often to russia so we also need to open our minds there is still much to do however your leaders the president of your prime minister say it at the st petersburg forum the roadmap was clarified or that the investment climate is much better. a look at the business flow between us the big french groups are present for example vinci who are doing
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the motorway link between moscow and st petersburg they we're developing cooperation on power generation on the sides of the st petersburg summit we signed with e.t.f. to equipment i would say to provide electricity to the city of thomson and we build cars for a.d.'s for airbus in siberia so there are multiple areas of cooperation the cooperation between france and russia goes more or a phone call god's will. but i still want to ask you if someone like you doesn't come to russia every fifteen days just the business community in general outside of russia do they still have the old stereotypes of russia. if you speak with the presidents of the french groups present in russia they are very happy to be here and they want to develop their business those who are not here yet often house a priore and we have i have to say this in western europe not only in france be a problem with our media who do not know russia well and russia should communicate more also there are old stereotypes of the progress in chief is not reflected in
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media. why why is media portrayed as very biased in the west russian media and. their image of russia is based on the past three fifteen or twenty years ago they do not come to russia often and often doesn't russia communicate actually quite little to us on what internal changes are taking place we have to deal with our david ideas and perceptions which are wrong and this i believe is an important subject but this is the blocking point if we also speak about people because think about them you were a small and medium sized companies in russia and in france always many are already cooperation we could do much more in this area of them. how will the french business that you bring to russia help versified economy. there you are in the middle of a modernization drive in russia transport water or electricity distribution in iran or fixing health of the power in high tech and by the way you have school which is a big success with many companies yes and off we go to american germany and many
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others are present so we can help technology transfers in many areas. but also on this visit you will be going to north caucasus to actually validate its potential investment and north caucasus. alpine tourism tourism expertize figuring our approach with. the yes which i believe that russia took a very good decision which is they want to try to stabilize and ensure better security in this area through economic development and to build the rest of the positive negative presence our closing will build on the size of the g eight the joint declaration on success with. russia chose parents as a main supplier not exclusive but me to try to establish ski resorts and develop the area coast like we can this is a huge project led by mr beloved president of north caucasus resorts using a visit with me and i believe that the best interest of the elephant will from
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others have been the right to a job to give people hope and as well you increase security which also comes through economic development we are going to take part in this. this is the first time you will be going to north caucasus was it up yes for me this will be my first time in the north caucasus and i am very excited to have the chance to discover which is wonderful i've seen photos the french team accompanying me already know that area is a wonderful place and i think you can develop a tourist over the center of europe which will be very attractive to the whole world but how long do you think it actually could turn into at tourism paradise because right now it's not the safest place. to be or for two reasons to go i mean of course they spell your you know the french have experience we developed in croatia remember turkey at the very beginning when we were developing tourism in turkey the area was not safe. and the condition of your government and your president to say that we are going to develop this area to create jobs with
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the young of course to ensure security the government provides guarantees for all of you seventy percent of investors taking a chance to be seen to be the right decision to develop this area so that is what needs to be done what i want to restaurants are we talking about the course he daubs this is a huge project over many years more than fifteen billion dollars will be invested companies and others will have the opportunity to take part in investors of course the russian government invest a lot in infrastructure which our companies can complement but i'm thinking about paul mccarthy who builds skillets and other french companies will be present i'm going to invest it but it will also be necessary to attract capital from all over the world you know this is a very big project but i talk a little bit about what are the concerns for the year in france because it's so closely tied to spain and italy they're actually sliding now into the bailout territory. i believe whatever they say today the euro is not threatening to give
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them it is facing difficulties with as we speak here about cooperation and about a future economic zone with free movement of legal and capital between russia and western europe that this will be a breathing space for the european union and for the euro and additional economic area and so a strengthening of the euro the whole theme of you all you really think here a russian economic zone could save the euro we will agree yes i believe that today europe which is a political economic entity these are much bigger economic space to be globally competitive think about the fact that the american continent is brought together at the nafta level that the asian countries are brought together at the asian level we do. i have a big area on the european continent but however so many things link us in history in culture and today our economic complementarity is strong on one hand materials it's a huge area on the other hand a trade capacity advances in some sectors but not all you have here like technologies and demand for more meaning we have
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a common interest and common interest to be defended in the world and i believe that today this can only strengthen the eurozone notwithstanding the rise of china who for you is a great partner but also a great competitor and that's a little concerning the mediterranean the instability is going to continue for some time the exception to democracy for these countries will be much longer than we want to admit and our partners across the atlantic are also competitors so the idea of expansion is both an opportunity and an obligation for russia and for western europe for our countries. to be talking about commonalities russia and france have always competed for defense and military contracts and now we're purchasing french helicopter carriers what we think or did you know this is a big first in st petersburg in the presence of president deby to resign for the nice throne this is the first time france undertook such a technology transfer and sold such importance military equipment and in the same way by the way one ration will be in to the russians i saw that year as prime
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minister vladimir putin came taurus you need to live real test models of the better your two hundred forty firefighting plane which is now under trial in the west and we're looking at buying more so our cooperation in sensitive areas could be drawn as an example shows that the political climate is healthy there are no more clouds today between france and russia the contacts between the two presidents are excellent also with the prime minister i believe that we have to seize the opportunity presented by this political climate because it is very good and this is an opportunity to consolidate the gains we have made so quickly. see you're someone who knows moscow very well. because you come here very often we like to think that moscow is like the new york of eastern europe i think moscow has never had a status of international financial center where you should go on a you your news of what was she much of what i am convinced of moscow's financial planner and that we received mr volatile sure who is responsible for the moscow financial planning powers he met french not under great literary authorities are.
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trying to be sure you know what he saw feel compelled the example of a little bit was almost always to be a lot of global norms and standards our idea is not moscow located halfway between homecoming and your essential role to play when we have european culture call materials moscow could be the global financial hopefully more material try tomorrow you are global leaders in oil gas but the big groups like the insult but believe me evil will give you a global leaders in the energy sector so also has a role to play look at moreover for our financial hopes we can find synergies in the derivatives area and in many things so we were convinced that the rouble will stay strong and moscow must become a major international financial hub and was if you have a lot of things you have to do at the legal level a legal security regulation which you are doing is an elopement and the only thing to do is to help you not give you less of this by the need to sort. through this interview thank you.
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even in there is a baker in brussels on how to fund continuing vale outs as a dancer and so make an hour within italy and spain because the nearest future in doubt. and media mogul and political titan come under huge public scrutiny question whether they'll be able to survive the fallout of a phone hacking scandal in the store public trust. the last remaining u.n. indictment of war crimes suspect one project is now awaiting extradition to the hate being captured in serbia parade when the country closer to invent a ship. without
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a model joins us now the sports news where the finalists of football's corporate america have been revealed about that's right this year's tournament is full of surprises kerry as an unlikely pair have made it to the deciding stage of latin american thought for both arguments got more on that in just moments that around. very warm welcome from the sports desk here in twenty four hours he comments you live from moscow i'm on costs for other pursed up headlines. more for the course paraguayan and you're of why qualify for the finals asked for a weekend's of shocks in the cup america. so i saw on the line the eyes have been dotted and the t.'s crossed for the w.b. a boxing clash between russia's unbeaten heavyweight alexander best and worst lunch a guy. and the few who do their artsy profiles cliff diving and
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russia's very old. who's preparing for the next world series stage and it's of the . that will get some of those stories in the moments and that will start in china where russia's not side has to find yet more room in her hand luggage after claiming goal number three at the world that classic championships the russian has been a force of nature in shanghai reckon out her third synchronized swimming title on wednesday in the free solo routine earlier in the week he could secure top spot in the solo technical and technical events at the oriental sports center this result this month made his thirteenth world championship gold ever record spain's andrea fuentes and china's so on and young say king the other podium spots. now they and other medal for russia bronze this silence is thirty a bunch of coffin that sank a lot better open water swim speed o.c.i. and yes he's won gold for greece well it's almost lurch of germany won the silver medal. so now we're
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a year ago i have booked their place in the final of the cup america following a susie a win over peru in the opening last four clash of this year's tournaments the year of winds dominating the first half but just couldn't break the deadlock it wasn't until early in the second period when they finally seize the initiative lewis water is the man breaking the deadlock and if the third minute five minutes after that the same player claims his grace states the process liverpool man doing what he does best one on one finishing and sunil knows how it ended. year of why he will now play paraguayan in the final of the called america in the other semi the paraguayans venezuela made it through this stage for the very first time in history. of the ninety minutes and almost all as did extra time also but there was showing more consistency in the penalty shoot out scoring goals life
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except. the boxing and heavyweight contenders have put pen to paper as they seek to claim the recently vacated w. gave belts. and russian alexander to vets to go head to head on august twenty seventh in germany it will be two thousand and four olympics gold medalist prometheans first title fights the thirty one year old is under theat it's what you want professional ballots the course needs to be right at home at the airport when you having thoughts sixteen times in germany already had that it's all the u.p.a. developed around the place back in two thousand and seven another russian nikolai valuev with lots of the city's mayor old later failed to defend the crown of his injury and was forced to relinquish its i don't think a good answer for bell holder of life or klitschko think ownership of it a fortnight ago as it would have bases years before he did it again. it was
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a case of revenge for a bald boss on the hague and stage seventeen of the swords of france sky team cyclists in that went on wednesday after being over taking the line a day earlier than the region securing his second win of the season's events pagan leaving home a breakaway group in the one hundred seventy ninth longer long mountain stage in maryland missed out yesterday after a world champion of thor hushovd finished ahead but we'll make a full forty seconds his winning margin this time around dutchman bar the lemma and sad pieces are of france second and third on the day another frenchman it's almost a very clear and it's an eight day in yellow but then seeded twenty seven seconds to his legs like it's. bernie ecclestone is being investigated by german prosecutors after the sale of formula one in two thousand and six the sports president is alleged to have bribed a banker for forty four million dollars to buy his stake the germans say that acol stoner received forty one million dollars worth of bank commissions in return but
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the main man in formula one says he expects to be cleared of any wrong love or repairs to try a banker here hard group palace the ecclestone currently retains a huge shareholding in motor sports top echelon. over to one of the newest the most exciting sports on the planet cliff diving it's just eleven years old but russia has already got its man at the summit on the eve of the next stage of the world series when c eleven artsy takes a closer look at one of the season's favorites the two thousand and six world champion out of john roberts as the story. this amazing spectacle is called cleve daubing and there are only a few dozen people in this world have got the skills to do it at a professional level and one of the chosen ones is russian i don't see it was just twenty two when he won the two thousand and six world championships says then he's
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rested easy mung the clique of an elite finishing overall third last year in the sport's most prestigious competition the red bull world series. the twenty seven year old entered this isn't as one of the favorites with the reigning champion gary hounds and the sport's most decorated affleck the presently injured around duke in his sights. like every true sportsman i always want to win although you should forget about that before the dive because your main goal is not to get injured but it's a competition and i always try to give it my all that was what clique divers do he simply mazie but they are just humans diving from high heel forward twenty seven metres despite their outstanding ability and experience is always a life threatening situation and fear is certainly not the nail in concept for them although the wasted flight it did. were ten to fifteen minutes ago the diet is the
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only thing in my mind but when i'm standing now on the edge of the platform my head is empty i'm just out of this world no fear no thinking just me and the height like i believe my trainers are the best in the world tatiana and cannot be stirred to a trained two time olympic diver champion to meet treat so to a truly great technique helping me to try a number of new high dives in the sport and numb standup it's one of the solution to this trademark it's one of the most breathtaking get difficult things to do the sport the meeting with is good. original invention that blind entry into the water was something we've done in the events which by thousands of readers consume creation and is a must before it's accusing high done although sujan claims that audience don't disturb it will turn towards the more spectators the passing of it gives me additional motivation and drive it's great when you can hear the crowd cheer you on
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with three stages left to florence needed he's currently be in the role standings in the next series twenty eleven. on the twenty fourth of july last year detail and sun so sushi the food used one of his best performances ever and cleaned the stage when you would bet against him. again robert virginia on the party. the russian. ships have wrapped up with only a select few able to say they. like a fish in water bringing together competitors from all walks of sporting life as if the reports. fun in the sun was just around the corner for capital dwellers but other equity can set to travel from as far away as well give a stop to take. plenty of disciplines contested but the spectators made their viewers choice by flocking to the at least alabama. pound for pound best in the
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discipline van praagh timing was noticeably absent the battle for top spot was blown wide open and an unlikely contestant from a completely different sport emerged at the end of the hard fought our twelve time windsurfing champion shot showing his prowess and like any true winner your show off saw plenty of room for improvement in what is a relatively new discipline for. him i would say i gave it about seventy percent of what i'm capable of i lost some rhythm while trying to perform complex tricks so i know i can do. however our hero of the day strongly believes the overall level of the sport is on par with a global standard. competitive fully capable of winning the world championship. is currently the best in russia plenty of multisport athletes had a chance to showcase their versatility alexandre is another one of those well
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rounded participants who may have had one of his last at a bike outings he previously raced in the runabout f three power boat class but initially made his mark in events where the water is of a much lower temperature. has become russian champion of the time previously won a slam title in the snowmobile crossroads and now it's time for me to start racing bikes so quite a good devils for their skills on display the amazing feats are clearly far from their complete resume in the sporting world vonzell gorski are key. i'll be back with dates in a couple of hours however are you should channel artsy sports news is available to you at any time and these headlines are coming up shortly thanks.
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